Why Synthetic Turf Installation in Albury Is So Important

July 22nd, 2021

The advantages of turf begin to stand out when you are comparing it to natural grass. In areas like Albury where drought conditions are pretty obvious, homeowners are finding that turf very useful since it allows them to maintain a gorgeous lawn without even violating the landscaping guidelines or water restrictions of their local Homeowners Association.

Therefore, instead of spending your time fertilizing, mowing, and water your garden, you can opt for the Turf Installation

Sound good?

Let’s have a look at the overview we mentioned below – this illustrates how Turf Installation Albury could benefit you.

Lawn Health

As we all are aware of the fact that natural lawn is pretty much susceptible to diseases, like Rhizoctonia. So, money, time, and proper attention are quite required to fight it off and also maintain the appearance and health of your lawn. It is just one of the different sorts of fungus that your lawn might confront depending on the environment of your area and how you keep your lawn.

Yard maintenance is not as straightforward as it seems, as the mowing height, how much you feed your yard, how much you water will determine whether or not your lawn attracts disease. If you ever observe such kinds of brown patches in your garden, then it might indicate the disease. In case of the disease, you might require to fight it with your preferred fungicides.

But, when it comes to Turf, it is not sensitive to such diseases, which assures that your yard will look excellent with minimum maintenance.

Doesn’t Require Any Harsh Fertilisers or Pesticides

As it does not spread or grow, Turf is vibrant and attractive without being fertilised at a daily interval. The turf will remain green, lush, and also toxin-free. Harsh fertilisers pose harmful effects on the environment causing an overgrowth of algae in rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes.

Safer Option for Children

As artificial grass does not require fertilisers, weed killers, pesticides, or other relevant chemical products, these are 100% safe for any child to play on. Nowadays, most of the advanced cities are opting to install artificial turfs instead of natural grass in public spaces for this reason.


One of the most significant advantages of using artificial turf is its long-lasting value and budget-friendliness. At the first go, it might look expensive, but this is a good investment that can enhance the value of your property for several years.


Once you are done with the Turf Installation in Albury, you can forget about tiring upkeep. This will withstand wear & tear for a long period of time. This won’t even lose its actual color because of the daily ultraviolet ray exposure—the fibers are formed stable against it.

Never Deal with Pests & Weeds Again

This is one of the most severe problems with Artificial grass. There are different types of pests and weeds that creep into the lawn, weed and pest control is a challenging task. It takes a huge amount of money and time, however when you opt for the Turf Installation Albury, weeds won’t be an issue for you. You might still require to pull them from time to time, however, they are far less bothersome when you have the artificial turf installed.

Wrapping Line

After reading the above section, the benefits of artificial grass are now clear to you. If you are currently looking for low-maintenance turf installation in Albury, look no further. We at Chris Smith Happy Gardners are here to help you out! Without any risk, 100% satisfaction is assured on all our services.

Get in touch with us today for more details or a FREE quote, we would be happy to offer advice and proper guidance that will assist you to make the right choice of supplier for your artificial turf installation.